September 14, 2010

Arts and Crafts

Over the weekend I took it back old school and had myself an arts and crafts day.  When I was younger my mom had our kitchen island FULL of arts and crafts, which I was totally into.  I would invite my friends over not to play but to "make something"....yes I was a dork in that sense but it has definitely helped me become a more creative person.  I probably have that to blame for the reason I chose to major in Art and then realized, after talks with mom and dad, that I probably wouldn't find a decent paying job out of college so I switched to Sociology....much better, right?!  HA!   

I'm all about decorating my home with art done locally which gives me a bigger sense of pride.  Right now a friend is working on a painting for me to hang in my dining room and I can't WAIT for it to be completed!  I'll of course show it off once hung!  There's so much cute decor out there that looks handmade I decided to give it a try myself.  

  Here is the wreath I made Sunday for football season!  I'm so proud of it, even though my mom AND dad have both told me it looks like a life preserver.  Hell it picks up on the coastal vibe of my home, which was totally unintentional but fitting! ;)  Until next time Happy Coasting!

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